In which Jaime Maussan accuses me of spreading Fake News 

Jamie Maussan, the guy who once tried to pass off a picture of a galaxy as a flying saucer, has accused me of slander, poor journalism and printing fake news. In a comment on my article, “Alien Mummy Found in Nazca, Peru?“, he wrote:

This is slander. There is nothing in this article that comes close to the truth, there is no investigation, you just published half truths and many lies.

Slander and libel involve printing false statements that are damaging to someone’s reputation. To the best of my knowledge, nothing I’ve printed on this site is false.

Maussan begins by insinuating that I’m not giving people the whole story about his alien mummy.

The photographs from the Foot are incomplete, why don´t you publish the real one..?

He has a lot riding on this Peruvian alien mummy gimmick he’s got going. Apparently, he’s running an exclusive live broadcast only special on the subject on July 2, 2017 involving more fake alien mummies.


On his Facebook page, he announces, “This 2th of July don’t miss the great revelation…
‘The mummies of Nazca, in search of the lost Gods.’ Remember the transmission will be live, there will be no repetition.”

There’s a three-fingered alien claw on his banner with that same title in Spanish. Here is Thierry Jamin of the The Alien Project holding a similar giant three-clawed talon.


And Maussan holding a different alien mummy in his Facebook profile picture.


Both of these mummies, as well as the alien corpse that is the subject of my article, are featured in Maussan’s July 2nd “grand revelation.” He seems to be borrowing heavily from Thierry Jamin’s Alien Project. Alien Project press conference, “The Disclosure,” will be held at the Swiss Hotel San Isidro in Lima on July 11, 2017, where Jamin will present the case of “Nazca mummies.” Among the sponsors are Gaia (who presented the alien mummy I wrote about) and Maussan’s Tercer Mileno program.

The Thierry Jamin mummies being studied at the Inkari-Cusco Institute were discovered in a secret location in the Cusco Desert by two friends, who handed them over to fringe history advocate Brien Foerster of Hidden Inca Tours. The mummies are covered with the same “drying powder used to preserve the specimens” as the Gaia mummy was. It basically means the “mummies” look like they’re covered in plaster. Frankly, the whole thing stinks of a hoax, from the anonymous discoverers to the nameless experts. The giant claws are a hodgepodge of impossible architecture at the wrist. The skull looks like a mummified fetus. The other mummy found on the black market (held in Maussan’s arms in his Facebook profile) looks the most fake of all.

As to the alleged alien mummy in question, the one presented by, it is fully human. The x-rays from the foot are representative. The “alien” foot is shown beside an unaltered human foot so people can easily see where the fraud is evident. Basically two toe bones were removed at the junction of the tarsals and metatarsals and the remaining bones were spaced out. The same was done with the other foot and the equivalent to the hands. Someone manipulated this skeleton. One has to wonder if Mr. Maussan is really that credulous or whether he just thinks everyone else is.

My article also mentioned the Metepec Creature  (sometimes referred to as the “Screaming Demon”). Naturally, he objected to my analysis.

In the case of the Creature of Metepec, you never mentioned there were 6 analysis of DNA and none of them came as a Monkey.

Five DNA tests were inconclusive because no genetic material was found. Urso Ruiz has confessed to the hoax and also admitted that he added material from different animals to confound DNA testing. In LA Marzulli’s Watchers X, biologist Ricardo Rangel Martinez says that the results of DNA testing on the Metepec creature say that “the DNA is very similar to DNA from humans. 98.5% similarity.” While he claims this is “very strange,” it really isn’t at all when you consider that a monkey is supposed to share that basic similarity of DNA with human beings.

Besides that there were 4 witnesses who saw the creature alive. Not a word about that.

Again, Urso Moreno Ruiz, the taxidermist who was falsely presented as veterinary assistant Angel Palacios Nunez, confessed to the hoax. While hooked ip to a lie detector, he admitted that he was behind the skinned monkey allegedly found in one of his (now deceased) uncle Mario Moreno Lopez’ oversized rat traps. While Ruiz said he hoaxed Maussan, who purchased the corpse for $32,000, this information when combined with the fact that Ruiz admitted that he took steps to confound DNA testing and Maussan went straight for DNA analysis, appears more indicative of a fraud that was orchestrated from the beginning as Alejandro Franz has pointed out.

He objected to my summary of the Roswell Slides hoax as well.

In the case of The Picture of Slide in Roswell why didn’t´t you publish the Real Picture of the finding by S.L. Palmer in 1896, where you clearly see is not the same body.

It is the same body. A FOIA request for National Parks documents related to this child mummy proves it. Maussan was shamelessly promoting the debunked image from the Roswell Slides as “not human” as recently as March 15, 2017 in a lecture called “UFOs: The Scientific Evidence.” The event was presented by the Tau Psi Omega fraternity at the University of Colirado.

Maussan tried to downplay his claims about the “Demon Fairy.”

In the case of the Winged Creature, I must say it was never presented, We were investigating the case and We found was not real and and was never presented and We didn’t´t claim anything.

Actually Maussan claimed in Watchers X that:

“The Metepec creature is a hybrid. The other creature that I showed you [the demon fairy] is a hybrid and that’s something very important because I believe they are experiments. What kind of experiments? Why? I don’t know but we have a physical body and we can analyze that physical body and prove that something, an intelligence, is behind these experiments.” [Brackets mine for clarification]

Does that sound like a claim to you? That kind of sounded like a claim.

In any case, this was his summary of my article:

As I said this  is not an objective  article it should be considered as “Fake News” Poor journalism.

It would be unwise to be objective about any case that involves a person who has been involved in the promotion of a ridiculous number of UFO-related click bait hoaxes. Maussan has cried “Alien!” one too many times.

In the article he objected to, I catalogued a few of the hoaxes he’s Bern involved in. In addition to Marzulli’s Demon Fairy, the Roswell Slides and the Metepec Creature, I pointed out his involvement in other frauds:

He promoted the Reed UFO hoax in South America, even after it was exposed as a fraud in 2002. He also promoted a Photoshopped photograph of another alien in 2002.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that he once claimed that a photo which also appeared in the October 6, 1997 issue of “Contacto Ovni Magazine” was a giant UFO. It’s a galaxy forming, not a UFO.

Infamously, he also supported the Hale-Bopp UFO hoax which provided a catalyst for the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide.

I’m afraid that full list of the fakes, frauds and hoaxes Jaime Maussan has promoted would be quite long. None of his defenses for these frauds holds up under scrutiny.

Fake News indeed. He appears to be a practiced expert on the subject.


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