Alien Mummy Found in Nazca, Peru?


The Nazca lines, a series of enormous geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert of southern Peru, have been connected with extraterrestrial beliefs ever since the idea was popularized Jim Moseley.  The Nazca Lines were first discovered in 1927 by Peruvian archaeologist Toribio Mejia Xesspe, but Moseley was the first to suggest in the October 1955 issue of Fate Magazine that since these massive drawings are largely invisible from the ground, the Nazca people must have “constructed their huge markings as signals to interplanetary visitors or to some advanced race [presumably Atlanteans] that occasionally visited them.” Four years later, contactee George Hunt Williamson devoted an entire chapter of his book Road in the Sky to the idea that the Nazca people built the lines but that extraterrestrial “sky-gods” were the architects. This was long before Erich von Däniken got excited about the idea in 1968’s Chariots of the Gods?

This connection is probably why people in the UFO community get excited over the idea of an “alien mummy” discovered in that region. Over the past couple days, I have been fielding questions concerning a story making rounds on the internet and UFO sites about alleged discovery of a three-fingered alien mummy. The alien not only has just three fingers, but also three toes, a near noseless face and an elongated skull.


In connection with the investigation, asks “Could this be a primitive human with an intentional or developmental deformity, or undeniable evidence that a non-human species exists?”

The story sounds like click bait.

The story initially appeared on June 20, 2017 on, a service that forces you to pay for sensational content. $95.40 per year for unlimited access to videos about remote viewing, contact with angels, alien abduction, crop circles, conspiracy theories and the like. So, yes, click bait.

Worse it’s science by press release. This discovery isn’t published in any scientific journal. Frankly, the only documentation of the mummy is this Special Report “Unearthing Nazca” by Gaia. we have to pay to get the rest of the sensational story that could “change everything.”

Frankly, the mummy looks fake. Mummies are usually leathery in appearance. This one looks like plaster over bones, which is more or less what the X-ray appears to confirm. The face definitely looks like it was sculpted. While the skull is elongated, it is not out of the range of fully human skulls that have been subjected to head binding.

My first thought when I saw the tridactyl  hands and feet was that the flesh had been stripped off the metacarpals and metatarsals to make the hands and feet look longer. There is also an evident cuff of knobby bone at the junction of the tarsals, carpals and their respective metas. Upon examining the brief shots of X-rays, my suspicions were confirmed.

This image by Mick West of nicely illustrates the problem:


It basically looks like they removed two toes and their respective metatarsals and then tried to space them out in a way that makes no skeletal sense.

fakealien hands

Apparently, they did the same thing with the hands. So save your money.

Even before I tracked down a good pic of the X-ray, a major red flag went off because  one of the major players behind this new “discovery” is Jaime Maussan,

Maussan is a notorious promoter of hoaxes. He promoted the Reed UFO hoax in South America, even after it was exposed as a fraud in 2002. He also promoted a Photoshopped photograph of another alien in 2002.

In 2010, it was revealed that the “Metepec Creature” being promoted by Maussan as an extraterrestrial was just a skinned and dried Buffy Tufted Marmoset. It was also infused with the DNA of as many animals as the perpetrators could find which would make a DNA analysis inconclusive. It was later confessed to be a hoax by Urso Ruiz, a taxidermist. It was telling that Maussan went straight for DNA testing before any of the  usual investigative procedures.

The Metepec Creature aka a skinned squirrel money

In May 2015, Maussan promoted photographic slides claiming to be pictures of an alien recovered from the Roswell flying saucer crash of 1947. The slides were unveiled at his BeWitness event in Mexico City. People were charged $20 to watch a live video stream of the first viewing of the slides at conference in Mexico.


While Maussan claimed the “Roswell Slides” were thoroughly researched, a few days later a a group of investigators calling itself the Roswell Slides Research Group provided definitive evidence that he was actually hawking pictures of a child mummy once on display in Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum.


And then there was last year’s “Demon Fairy” hoax that LA Marzulli used to promote his Watchers 10 documentary. Maybe we should call the “Demon Fairy” what is was: Metepec Creature 2.0. The creature was received from Jaime Maussan. Once again, it was unnecessarily pressed for DNA analysis and the only documentation was Marzulli’s Watchers 10. Once again, it was a taxidermic fake akin to PT Barnum’s Feejee Mermaid.


The bottom line is that this alleged “alien mummy” is fully human. To’s credit, they’re only making the suggestion that it could be alien. They’ve also suggested it could be human as well. Of course, they know who they’re working with, so they’re not innocent.

Perhaps the greatest irony lies in the fact that the fellow who first made the connection between the Nazca lines and extraterrestrials was also a notorious UFO trickster and hoaxer. Together with his best friend Gray Barker, they concocted the Lost Creek saucer film and the Straith Letter hoax. The full extent of their pranks and frauds may never be fully known, but it should be noted that the motivation for such fraud is that sensational speculations get attention. In today’s UFO scene, that attention translates into sales; many times, even if we suspect it’s all just click bait.

It would be easy to dismiss such U-“fool”-ogy as the problem of a certain segment of secular ufology; however, such sensational hucksterism exists within Christian ufological circles as well. I mean, are LA Marzulli and SkyWatch TV really any different than Jaime Maussan and

The only way to hold sensational U-“fool”-ogy accountable is by withholding your money and your time. They thrive on attention and sales. It’s time we started alienating them.


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  1. This is slander. There is nothing in this article that comes close to the truth, there is no investigation, you just published half truths and many lies.
    The photographs from the Foot are incomplete, why don´t you publish the real one..?
    In The case of the Creature of Metepec, you never mentioned there were 6 analysis of DNA and none of them came as a Monkey.
    Besides that there were 4 witnesses who saw the creature alive. Not a word about that.
    In the case of The Picture of Slide in Roswell why didn’t´t you publish the Real Picture of the finding by S.L. Palmer in 1896, where you clearly see is not the same body.
    In the case of the Winged Creature, I must say it was never presented, We were investigating the case and We found was not real and
    and was never presented and We didn’t´t claim anything.
    As I said this is not an objective article it should be considered as “Fake News” Poor journalism.
    Jaime Maussan


    1. Tony Breeden says:

      Mr. Maussan,

      Slander is spoken.

      You can read the rest of my answer to your comment here:


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