How Justen Faull’s “Bombshell” Document 6751 Fails Under Scrutiny

Justen Faull and his brother have been rising stars within SkywatchTV, the Christian UFO community’s own version of the Weekly World News, and is endorsed by no less than SkywatchTV’s CEO and founder, Tom Horn.

Justen Faull fully endorses the reality of the Collins Elite, an alleged sect within the US government who objects to UFO research because they think the alien entities associated with UFOs are in fact demons or fallen angels. The Collins Elite was first introduced to the UFO community via Nick Redfern’s book, Final Events.

Pretty much everybody’s source material for the Collins Elite

Recently, I’ve been updating my research on the Collins Elite. During my search, I stumbled upon a December 2020 video by End Times Productions called “UFOs, Aliens, Underground Bases and Fallen Angels.”

Justen Faull

It’s basically an interview with Justen Faull covering material he released in a 2019 documentary called Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes. This documentary, which I may review at a later date, I includes the many of SkywatchTV’s usual suspects: Derek Gilbert, Tom Horn, Justen’s brother Wes Faull, Ray Boeche, etc.

SkywatchTV’s Usual Suspects

During the interview, Justen Faull talks about Document 6751 in the FBI’s UFO Vault, beginning at about 17:22:

Justen Faull: “But I want to mention something. One of the bombshells that we dropped [in “Higher Entities”] was that there’s a declassified federal document- -Anyone watching this interview can go
find this document. It’s on the FBI vault.”

Interviewer: “What’s the name of it?”

Justen Faull: “6751. Document 6751. It’s a document from the 40s. It was written by a prominent member of academia and it was submitted to the FBI. In this document, they make a case that entities are not space aliens but that they’re interdimensional or extra-dimensional entities that are crossing over from a plane known as the ethereal plane.”

Interviewer: “Wow.”

Justen Faull: “Now, we know as researchers of the New Age movement… we know that that is where the Ascended Masters are supposedly said to be, on a high level. This ethereal plane is very popular, you know. When you talk to people who astral project, people who channel, people who remote view people, who want to tap in or go on a trip, an ayahuasca trip, a dmt trip.. this is where they claim to go now. The federal government had this document in the 40s and language was used in this document, that came right out of the playbook of Theosophy. Now the guy that received this document.. this is so crazy. The, the federal agent receives a document and…  Look, the FBI is constantly bombarded with with, you know, phone calls and letters and emails and, you know, they just can’t, they can’t deal with all of the propaganda from, from citizens. You know, people make stuff up and it’s just.. It, it’s nothing. It’s crying wolf. So the FBI has to really be careful wha they accept and what they don’t. But this was back in the 40s.”

Interviewer: “Man.”

Justen Faull: “A little different back then than it is today.”

Interviewer: “Absolutely.”

Justen Faull: “So the guy that receives the document, he recognizes that this information was received through paranormal means. As a matter of fact, the language used in the 40s was super normal. That’s the old way of saying paranormal: super normal. So he says that all of this information was received through supernormal means, therefore we need to discount it. It’s not valid information.”

Interviewer: “Wow.”

Justen Faull: “Now that’s the headline that he put. It’s like a cover letter. If you really believe that, why did they classify the document? Why did they classify it and then forward it to all of these FBI prominent members at the highest level of security clearance? Why in the world would they classify it and lock it up if they didn’t believe it? It wasn’t until years later that they declassified Document 6751 and… And, you know, I read this document and I’m thinking, ‘Okay, since the 40s, the federal government, at the highest levels, have known that these are not space aliens, that these are entities coming from another dimension. Since the 40s. Yet they’ve promoted an alien agenda.”

Interviewer:  “That’s unbelievable. Um, so in your opinion, do you believe that these entities that they make contact with are the ones that are in Document 6571? Are they fallen angels? Or specifically, Biblically, how can we equate that to our worldview?

Justen Faull: “6751 does not give specific classifications of entities, per se. For instance, when you talk to someone who has worked in a deep underground military base, which we have… We’ve interviewed people. They talk about different classes of entities… None of that is really mentioned in 6751. It’s more so an overall summarization of what’s going on. Now there were some information about traveling through the dimensions. There’s some very fascinating, you know, tidbits in this document and we, we don’t really go too deep into the document, other than referencing it in the film [“Higher Entities”], because we had to go through, you know… We’ve got over 300 declassified documents in our collection right now, all pertaining to aliens, ufos, uh, extra sensory perception, psychic activity that they’re training people to operate in… The federal government has been training people in the occult since the 40s, training them in how to operate in occult magic and occult sciences: Everything our Bible tells us is absolutely forbidden. Our federal government has been a part of this since the 40s. And I want to add back in the 40s, they still promoted the idea of a Christian Nation of America. Yet behind the scenes… it just goes to show that our the people in charge of our government have been pacifying the society since the beginning and I… I just I don’t understand how people could be so you know so blinded? We present the information. This is what they said in the 40s and it’s only gotten worse over the years now.”


It should be said that Document 6751 does indeed exist in the FBI Vault. It’s on page 22 of the 1st of 16 UFO pdfs; however, the way that Justen Faull misrepresents the document is breathtakingly bad.

[Faull also accuses the federal government of training people in occult sciences in this video; however, the files only admit to researching whether ESP, psiops, etc., are simply misunderstood natural phenomena which might be harnessed for Intelligence and military applications is just conspiracy gossip. And since it’s not really the focus of this article, I’ll leave a larger exploration of that issue for some other time.]

But let’s take a look at Document 6571 and what it says. I’m going to tell you outright that Justen Faull misrepresents what it says. In fact, Justen Faull LIES in this video! And I can prove it. He’s not nearly as studied and discerning as he claims to be.

Here’s the document, for the sake of clarity.

This document was written by Newton Hathaway Meade Layne. Sr., (better known as N Meade Layne) of the Borderland Sciences Research Association (BSRA), a publisher of theosophy and fortean interests,  who relied almost completely on so-called revelations from the mediumship of Mark Probert with regards to the flying saucer mystery. Meade Layne had left his academic pursuits long behind by the time he was publishing the occult newsletters he called Round Robin and the Flying Roll. You can see those words clearly written as headings on the document.

And then there’s the LIE.

Justen Faull tells the Interviewer that “So the guy that receives the document, he recognizes that this information was received through paranormal means… therefore we need to discount it. It’s not valid information. Now that’s the headline that he put. It’s like a cover letter. If you really believe that, why did they classify the document? Why did they classify it and then forward it to all of these FBI prominent members at the highest level of security clearance? Why in the world would they classify it and lock it up if they didn’t believe it?”

Faull makes it sound like the person receiving the document realized this information was received through supernormal” means and made a note of it, but then sent it along to his superiors and classified it anyway because they knew it was true.

That’s not what happened.

N Meade Layne wrote that headline. He referred to himself in the 3rd person (here’s a grammar lesson for you, Faull) as “the writer” and later in the paragraph as “the present writer,” so maybe this was where Faull failed to understand the Document he cites. Layne divulged that the information he was sending was received by supernormal means and that he had every expectation that fact that this was the source of his information was “probably sufficient to insure its disregard.” Layne wasn’t wrong. They marked the document “No Action” on the left-hand side. They just filed it away. Nothing more.

Now, why would they file it away and lock it up if they didn’t believe it? Possibly because they didn’t know what it was and were afraid it would cause a panic if the American public knew that. Those same FBI UFO Vault files reveal that Gen. George F Schulgen (of Army Air Corps Intelligence) had requested that the FBI assist in investigation of the flying disks and was “desirous of having all the angles covered in this matter.” (Letter “Subject: Flying Disks” dated 7/10/47 from [first initial unclear] G. Fitch to D.M. Ladd.)

Note 4th paragraph

That General wanted all of the angles covered, so that’s just what they did. (This part’s called real research, Faull. Pay attention). The government kept this letter submitted by Layne for the same reason they filed away other letters: it was a theory to consider amongst others as they tried to sort out the flying saucer mystery. The FBI also saved letters claiming they were supervillain-esque remote controlled atom bombs,…

…reports from a woman whom investigators noted that officials felt was “unreliable and possibly not well balanced mentally” due to being “struck by lightning when a child,” the same woman contending that they were similar to what earnest UFO researchers recognize as the “ghost rockets” of Scandinavia,…

…whatever this is,…

…and a ridiculous number of hoaxes apparently perpetrated by the restless, ever imaginative youth of the USA. And that’s just the first of 16 UFO pdfs in the FBI Vault… ALL of which received more attention and investigation than Layne’s memorandum to the government.

Why were documents concerning known teenage hoaxes, radio-controlled atomic bombs circling the earth like some supervillain’s doomsday device, the contention of a possibly unreliable witness that they were what Ufologists now generally call ghost rockets, and N Mead Layne’s 4D opinion that saucers were from the Etheric plane ALL filed away, classified and disseminated? Because this is what you do when you’re sorting through theories and evidence, trying to discover the truth. (Is it sinking in, Justen Faull? I really hope this nonsense isn’t in your documentary…)

Faull’s “bombshell” is that his audience is credulous enough to buy into the error that the inclusion of this letter represented an endorsement of the views contained in the letter. Faull is making a selective and shallow presentation of evidence that Christians and anyone else listening to him should have the discernment to see through and certainly would if they weren’t taking the word of armchair experts like Justen Faull.

Since Faull’s entire argument for Document 6751 as a “bombshell” showing that the government has known UFO are interdimensional or demonic from the start rests on the logical leap that inclusion in these classified files represents an official endorsement or acknowledgement of their truth, I’d say his expertise is probably as sound as his logic.

If you’d like to read some exhaustively researched material on the subject of UFOs and the possibility of extraterrestrial life and what it might mean for Christians, I refer you to the book I wrote on the subject. Strangers and Aliens reveals that we have been discussing the possibility of extraterrestrial life since the Middle Ages and that the UFO phenomenon is unlikely to be “all the Devil anyway.” If you’re a Berean like me who likes to fact-check material, the book is heavily footnoted so you can check the original sources for yourself. You owe it to yourself to look at this subject deeper and with the “multitude of counselors” that historical exotheology and Christian ufology offer us.

Get your copy today!


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