We’re Looking at You, Jaime Maussan: Mummy Experts calls for an End to “Alien” Mummy Fake News 

The following declaration from members of the World Congress of Mummy Studies appeared on their Facebook page in connection with fully human corpses being promoted by Jaime Maussan and Gaia as potentially “alien” mummies.  

The day before the declaration was posted, the World Congress on Mummy Studies specifically decried the “investigation” connected with Gaia and Jaimie Maussan with the hashtag #pseudoscience on their Facebook page, saying:

“We wish to express our concern on the [Maussan/Gaia alien mummy] case described below. Mummy Studies is a scientific discipline and there is no space for such claims.” 

[Brackets mine for clarification regarding content of linked article]

I think the declaration speaks for itself, but I particularly applaud their fourth point. These frauds are not victimless crimes.


The subscribers of this document, members of the national and international scientific community, experts in the study and conservation of human remains (mummies and skeletons), communicate the following:

1.- In the last few months, the alleged discovery of “extraterrestrial mummies” in our country has been publicized through an irresponsible, organized disinformation campaign.

2.- Testimonies and published images on this case, allow to assert that these findings correspond undoubtedly to pre-Columbian human remains – Cultural Patrimony of the Nation -, maliciously manipulated and even mutilated to obtain an ‘ad hoc’ appearance for commercial exploitation. Moreover, the exclusion of the entire related archaeological contexts is absolutely contrary to the scientific investigation of this kind of cultural finds.

3.- It is upon our authorities to make the corresponding accusations, since this ‘production’ has violated numerous national and international norms that watch for the defense of Cultural Heritage. We hope that these same authorities will seek the protection and correct investigation of these remains and their place of origin, in order to stop looting and trafficking of human remains. We also expect exemplary sanctions for those responsible of this depredation of heritage that is of all Peruvians and Humanity as a whole.

4.- Finally, the criminal abuse of corpses for petty ends violates human dignity in a profound way. Thus, exploitation of pre-Columbian mummies carried out by this organization, attacks and particularly offends the Andean Culture, implying that its achievements were due to an alleged ‘alien aid’.

We offer our best offices to collaborate with the authorities to demonstrate our statements in the corresponding instances. We also offer to participate in activities that would defend our patrimony and help educate the public about our ancestors and their legacy.

Lima, July 10, 2017
Sonia Guillén O’negglio (DNI 04649168), Guido Lombardi Almonacín (DNI 06959233), Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao (DNI 07258405), María del Carmen Vega Dulanto (DNI 10308912), Mellisa Lund Valle (DNI 07763061), Patricia Maita (DNI 25835019), Martha Palma (DNI 10537749), Carlos Herz Sáenz (DNI 07913390), Alejandra Valverde Barbosa (DNI 48813194), Marcela Urizar Vergara (CI 11347428-9), Claudia Aranda (DNI: 20056087), Leandro Luna (DNI: 23511760),  Paula Concepción Miranda (DNI 29497158), Alejandro Vazquez Reyna (DNI 30651135)

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