LA Marzulli Questions My Qualifications To Weigh In On the UFO Phenomenon 

Apparently LA Marzulli, author of the Nephilim Trilogy and the Watchers video series, does not think I’m qualified to weigh in on the UFO phenomenon. 

I reached out to him after examining his reasoning so for promoting the idea of a “Coming Great Deception” in the form of fallen angels disguised as extraterrestrials. I was unimpressed with his arguments, which I reported on this site; however, in the interests of fairness, I thought I’d write him to see if he had better arguments I should’ve considered instead.

His response was dismissive to say the least. Mr. Marzulli doesn’t like his portion of email exchanges published, but here’s my response to his charge against me, which allows the gist of what he said:

LA Marzulli,

I wrote to you to let you know that my “attack piece” existed because I am sorely unimpressed with your argument that the UFO phenomenon is demonic and angels posing as aliens will constitute the “Coming Great Deception.” I asked you if you had better arguments for this “Coming Great Deception ” you promote or any evidence I should have considered. You responded with expertism, suggestive of a glass chin. The same response I got from Gary Bates. I am perfectly willing to change my mind on these issues, but in your hubris neither of you nor Mr. Bates bothered to respond to my arguments or to show me a better one.

I’ll tell you who I am to weigh in on the phenomenon. Someone who’s read and parsed the research, and found it to be wanting.

In answer to your questions regarding who I am to weigh in on the phenomena:

I have seen a UFO. If I knew what it was, it wouldn’t have been a UFO. I think UFOs and the experiencers phenomenon are two different issues.

I’ve talked to a few abductees and scoured the Internet, watching countless interviews for my book. I’ve never counseled an abductee but I’m pretty sure YOU, lacking a degree in psychology or psychiatriy, are NOT qualified to do so any more than I, so it is misleading to suggest that I am unqualified to weigh in on the phenomenon based on that criterion.

I think we both agree that these experiences can be traumatizing and that they aren’t being abducted by extraterrestrials. The question is whether their experiences are supernatural or psychological in nature. The principle of mediocrity holds that a minority of the UFO phenomenon is demonic. That’s logic, my friend.

I’ve seen your videos (and others) on removing “implants” after finding them on an X-ray, CAT-scan or ultrasound, and I think you’re wise to keep the skeptical quotes around that term. The most probable conclusion is that “implants” and abduction experiences are unrelated.

I’m sorry if you don’t feel I’m qualified to weigh in on the UFO phenomenon, but I think my well-researched book and the articles on testify to the contrary. I find your dismissive attitude disturbing, but not surprising. The idea that that the UFO phenomenon is demonic has gone unchallenged for far too long.

I have nothing to hide and I am not afraid to debate thus issue. In fact, I make the following offer: Should you or Gary Bates wish to present your case in an unedited guest post on, simply email me the content at exotheology[at]gmail[dot]com.

Tony Breeden

As it turns out, Lynn Marzulli likewise characterized a post by Dr. Michael Heiser requesting that he publish the names of the researchers and organizations involved in testing elongated skulls for his Watchers video series a “hit piece.” Apparently a request for any type of defense of Marzulli’s claims triggers his persecution complex. Unless of course it’s just a smokescreen to allow him to avoid answering the question…

There is a part of me that wonders at the sheer unwillingness these great whopping Christian UFO “experts” demonstrate when asked to defend their beliefs. Why does a response from such folk always seem to amount to an appeal to authority and/or tone policing coupled with a dismissive ad hominem in the direction of yours truly? 

Why don’t they simply refute me with a better argument?

Maybe the answer to that question is simpler than we would like to think…

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