Is the Search for ET Rebellion Against God?

I was researching the history of modern creationists thought on exotheology recently, when I came across Ken Ham’s earliest article on the search for extraterrestrial life. The article, entitled Any Little Green Men Out There?, originally appeared in Creation 15, no 1 (December 1992): 14-16.

In that article, Ken Ham wrote of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence:

“When scientists look at [DNA], they say—chance! Yet if they received the simplest of ordered sequences possible from outer space, they would say—intelligence!

No scientists have ever seen a complex language system like our DNA evolve by chance. They know that it takes information to get information, that information never arises unless an intelligence is operating. Yet they refuse to consider the possibility that the vast amount of information contained in life on earth was programmed by intelligence. They refuse to accept the possibility that the God of creation as spoken of in the Holy Scriptures is that intelligence—the infinitely intelligent Creator. Why? It would mean that this Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, is Lord over them, and they must kneel and worship Him, and accept their sinfulness and the need for salvation.

As those scientists look into outer space, it is as if they are shaking their fists at Jesus Christ, defiantly saying ‘we refuse to accept you as Lord over us.’

[Emphasis mine]

Why would he make such a statement? Why would he liken scientific research to determine whether we’re alone in the universe with an act of rebellion against God? 

Do the Scriptures say that we are alone in the universe? No. It says nothing on th d subject of extraterrestrial life.

Do the Scriptures forbid us to look for life or Earth-like planets in the stars? No again. 

We know that evolutionists looking for life in the cosmos are looking for proof of an evolutionary worldview. Would the discovery of extraterrestrial life prove the evolutionary model? No, a creationist would simply say that God must have created that life as well [John 1:3; Colossians 1:16]. Evolutionists could not prove that life on another planet came about by microbes-to-man evolution.  They could only say the presence of extraterrestrial life is consistent with their beliefs; however, extraterrestrial life is not inconsistent with a creationist worlview… only the beliefs of anti-alienist creationists.

Of course, not everyone interested in an answer to that question is an evolutionist or an atheist, which is where Ken Ham’s argument drifts into hyperbole. Maybe some evolutionists are searching the heavens in the hopes of finding justification for their rejection of God. I suspect most of those searching for life in the cosmos aren’t angry atheists. They just want to know if we are truly alone in the universe. 


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