Jesus Was An Abductee! Chris Ward on Alien Abductions

The late Pastor Chris Ward (1948-2015) was one of the presenters of the First Christian Symposium on Aliens in July of 2009. The Symposium sparked a new wave of interest in the Demonic Hypothesis of UFO, resuscitated from charismatic deliverance ministry holdouts of the Satanic Panic. Prior to that in 1999, he founded with Joe Jordan and Guy Malone.

In his 2005 book, Case Files of an Internet Exorcist, the late Chris Ward says the following regarding whether a Christian can have a so-called alien abduction experience:

“Dr. Mark Eastman and Chuck Missler misinform Christians that they cannot be abducted in their book Alien Encounters. ‘Recognize that if you made this commitment you are God’s and “they” cannot touch you” (Missler and Eastman, 1997).”

“I was very fortunate to help do some of the research on this incredible book for Dr. Mark Eastman. In my opinion, Alien Encounters, is the second best resource available on Aliens with the exception of this one unfortunate arrogant statement.”

It’s not just the idea that Christians cannot be abducted that he found “arrogant.”

“The best resource on Aliens and Abductions is The Omega Conspiracy by I.D.E, Thomas (Thomas, 1986). Thomas was the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Maywood, California.

He also has one arrogant flaw in his book. He says that aliens are demons. They are not demons they are fallen angels. Demons are seeking embodiment. Fallen angels do not need a body, they can shape shift into a human or an animal.”

Most theologians make a distinction between demons and fallen angels; however, while the Bible says that angels were often mistaken for humans and that Lucifer can transform himself into an angel of light, it nowhere mentions an angelic ability to shapeshift into an animal. That’s a notion derived from folklore, not Biblical authority.

Chuck Missler, Mark Eastman and I.D.E. Thomas all espoused the Demonic Eschatological Hypothesis of UFO, the idea that fallen angels are posing as extraterrestrials and their craft, and that “aliens” will be used as the prophecied Strong Delusion of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 to explain away the Rapture of the Church.

While the Demonic Eschatological Hypothesis contends that the UFO phenomenon and the alien abduction phenomenon in particular are demonic deceptions, proponents of this conspiracy theory must explain why apparent Christians claim to have these alien abduction experiences. I mean, shouldn’t the power of Jesus or the Holy Ghost living within a believer keep us safe from abduction by fallen angels?

Joe Jordan and Chris Ward

CE4 Research claims that only “talk the talk” Christians get abducted but not “walk the walk” Christians; however, in an email dated August 5, 2018, I asked CE4’s President Joe Jordan to clarify the difference between talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk Christians in his research and what criteria he used to determine which was which. He responded:

“We really didn’t you (sic) any strict written criteria, we basically saw that some had developed a true sense of personal relationship with Jesus Christ, where others hadn’t. Hope that helps.”

Unfortunately, this leaves CE4 open to the accusation of simply lumping all experiencers into the talk-the-talk Christian category.

Pastor Chris Ward sidesteps the need to determne whether committed Christians experience alien abductions by claiming it can happen to anyone. and by this, I do mean Anyone:

“The idea that “Christians” cannot be abducted is ludicrous considering that Jesus himself was abducted.

After the forty days that Jesus was tempted in the wilderness He was abducted by the devil (Matthew 4 and Mark 1). In verse 5 of Luke, the scripture says that “then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain (NKJV).” The word for taking in the Greek is anago and it means sailed away. The word high in Greek, hupselos, means higher or lofty and the word mountain in the Greek is oros and it means above the plain or mountain. So Luke says that Jesus sailed away with th devil high above the mountain or plain. How did the devil do that? Did the devil do this by magic or levitation? Did he use the astral plane or use psychic abilities. Did he ride in a cherub, a cloud, or a UFO, what? Luke doesn’t say, he simply says He sailed away with the devil.”

“According to Eastman and Missler this would be impossible. Jesus being “Christian” could not be abducted. My own opinion is that Chuck Missler, a brilliant man, was playing to “political correctness” within the Christian church. He was more concerned about rejection than truth. The abduction of Jesus happens again. Luke says that the devil brought Him, Jesus to Jerusalem and set Him on the top of the temple. The word brought is translated from the Greek ago, which means drive or induce, and it is implied that Jesus was driven against His will. How did the devil do that? All the time Jesus is protesting and quoting scripture. Yes, Jesus was abducted by the devil, against His will, more than once. He stopped it by quoting scripture.”

Chris Ward mixes truth with error here. On the one hand, the Bible contends that angels fly [Revelation 14:6]. Furthermore, they employ vehicles as well [2 Kings 6:17]. While the passage regarding Jesus’ temptation does not mention such vehicles, it’s not unthinkable that they were utilized.

On the other hand, you will likely be relieved to know that Chris Ward’s bit of “Strong-ulation” of this passage is without merit. The Greek word for “led” here is anago. While it comes from the root words ana and ago, those words have no bearing on the specific meaning of anago, which is translated “set sail” in Acts 18:21. None of this implies that Jesus was taken against His will, which is thy he biggest theological problem Ward’s argument raises. Jesus was the God-man. He came to the wilderness to he tempted… on purpose. He went of His own will, just as He willingly allowed Himself to be led as a lamb to the slaughter at Calvary.

Nevertheless, Ward tries to make for repeat abductions:

“Also notice that Jesus only put it off temporarily. The scripture reads, ‘Now when the devil had ended every temptation, he departed from Him until a more opportune time (NKJV)’ Luke 4:13. I like to point out this story for people that ask why I can’t stop every abduction situation. Jesus couldn’t, His disciples couldn’t and and sometimes there are forces at work that are not spiritual, for example, mind control experts. But the important part is that He did stop it and this fact gives rise to hope and not despair.”

He is literally saying that Jesus was taken against His will and was apparently powerless to stop it. He’s literally saying that the Devil had power over the God-man. He also seems to suggest that the techniques of “mind control experts” can give Jesus Christ, the Creator, Savior and Lord a difficult time.

Fortunately, his ideas aren’t even close to being orthodox truth. While not every prayer is answered in the affirmative, this isn’t due to a lack of ability on God’s part.

Chris Ward continues by trying to tie alien abduction in with the Nephilim of Genesis 6:

“This same story happened before in the Bible. Genesis 6:4 reports that “the Sons of God (Fallen Angels) saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of ALL WHOM THEY CHOSE (KJV).” The word took in the
Greek (Septuagint) is laqach and it means to take up—abducted
against their will. Another interpretation is that they “fetched” the daughters of men at will without resistance.

Wow. That’s not even a little bit true. The Greek word in the Septuagint is
εἰσπορεύομαι. It means to enter. Laqach is a Hebrew word (and therefore not not found in the Septuagint translation of Genesis 6:4).

Even if it were, there is a more mundane meaning to the word abduction. Not all abductions are, um, alien, real or pretending. Proponents of the Demonic Eschatological Hypothesis of UFO suppose that the Nephilim are to return in the Last Days and make much ado of the idea of alien hybridization as an idea proposed by Genesis 6. There is no indication that the Nephilim are returning or that anything is actually happening to people who claim to have alleged alien abduction experiences… much less anything sexual or genetic. There is no corroborating evidence for these experiences at all.

The basis of their belief in a return of the Nephilim is a misinterpretation of the meaning of the phrase “as in the days of Noah” [Matthew 24 and Luke 17] as an indicator of the End Times. Proponents of the Demonic Eschatological Hypothesis claim that since the Nephilim were present in the days of Noah, this indicates their prophesied return. Unfortunately, this idea ignores the given meaning of the phrase as provided in the verses immediately following, that men would be living their lives


“The truth is that most of the time I can completely stop alien
abductions using traditional Biblical deliverance methods. I do have a couple of clients that I have not been able to completely stop their night visitors, but we have not given up and we are still working on
those cases. Although activity has slowed dramatically, it has not
stopped completely. I have a couple of explanations for this in my chapter, The Abductaholic. The best example I can give you of a deliverance gone bad is the Disciples. In the Book of Mark 9:16, Jesus said, “’What are you discussing with them?’ Then one from the multitude answered and said, ‘Teacher, I brought You my son, who has a mute spirit. And whenever he seizes him, he throws him down; he foams at the mouth, gnashes his teeth, and becomes rigid. So Ispoke to your disciples, that they should cast him out, but they could not.’” Jesus summed it up; “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting (NKJV).” The fact that I am not 100% effective all the time is Biblical. Even the Disciples failed on
occasion, but it was the Disciples fault and not the fault of the client.
The question is, if I am effective even 1% of the time, why is that not international news? Why would anyone want to cover that up?
I am not only one professing to stop abductions. There are now several non-Christian ministries that also make this claim. Derrel Sims, the Alien Hunter, stopped his own abductions at age 17. He continues to fight the good cause today. He stops abductions with the use of hypnotherapy. While I do not endorse the use of hypnosis because of the known abuse of mind control experts, Derrell is a friend of mine and I trust him in the art of memory retrieval. We
have discussed the use of hypnosis in stopping abductions and he is in complete agreement with me. Only Board Certified personnel should use hypnotherapy. This assumes of course the Board Certified personnel does not have a hidden agenda or is a mind control expert.
I have one web page titled How to Stop an Abduction. No one has called me on this. You would think that this would be an excellent time to publicly embarrass Christianity or at least my claims. While it is true that there are organic reasons, brain damage, mental illness, and mind control experts, these examples are not the rule. They
represent less than 1% of all the abduction reports I receive. You
may visit Derrell’s web site at
Why would anyone want to promote the idea that abductions are hopeless? What would motivate a person to spread terror, fear, and panic when there is hope? Why don’t they call us and fi nd
out for themselves? Why, because if I am correct, then their worst fears have come home? Aliens are the fallen heavenly hosts that I report and they are here to deceive and misguide mankind into the government of the anti-Christ and advance the end of the age and promote the New World Order. They are not little creatures from another planet or demons. They are fallen angels just like the Sons of God in Genesis 6:4. Jesus said, “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the fl ood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be (NKJV).” Matthew 24:27- 28. How were the days of Noah? They were troubled with fallen angelic hybrids and Giants.

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