A Shout-out to Answers in Genesis for a Recent Display of Rational Restraint 

Defending Genesis

It seems that lately this blog has been fixated oncreation exotheology, theology that concerns itself with how Biblical Christianity might deal with the discovery of extraterrestrial life. One of the reasons for this is quite obviously because I just published a book on the subject. Of course, I wrote the book because I was concerned about the fact that some well-meaning folk were being dogmatic on a subject upon which the Scriptures are silent.

Discussion of this subject rather compelled me to call out a few creationist organizations, one of whom I have certainlyalways been a friendof. I’m speaking of Answers in Genesis [USA].

Recently two articles from AiG have given me hope that perhaps somebody out there is taking my arguments seriously. I think my advocacy for the possibility of extraterrestrial life has confused some folks who conflate the idea with an evolutionary worldview or…

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