What Are We Really Looking For?

“What are we really looking for in stories of flying saucers and government cover-ups?” Luke Sharret asks in a July 7, 2017 op-ed for The New York Times entitled, “Roswell’s Mysteries Are Life’s Mysteries.”

The short answer is just that: answers.

“The longer one is in Roswell, the harder it becomes to avoid trying to answer the question, Did an alien spacecraft really crash to earth 70 years ago? Are we all alone in the universe? Does any of this even matter?”

Pointing to the messages of the typical “tourist-trap T-shirt,” with emblazoned with “The truth is out there,” “I want to believe,” and “Aliens please abduct me,” he suggests that the search for whst happened at Roswell is suggestive of something deeper:

“Absolute truth exists. Our souls long for something to believe in. Things here on earth are not as they should be. The T-shirts know. We are desperate to find meaning in our lives. We search for answers to the tough questions. Who are we? Why are we here? Who will heal our messed-up world?”

Some of my fellow Creationists fear that people are looking for these answers from some proposed benevolent aliens. These Space Brothers, in theory, have overcome their own problems and will give us a technilogical short cut to solve the problems of hunger, want, suffering, disease and perhaps even death. The knowledge that they exist will unite us in brotherhood or they will teach us how to get along. They will bring Elvis back.

Such a scenario presumes that we can save ourselves (with a little direction) and that lasting peace and meaning can come apart from Christ. Some also fear that such a scenario would contradict the Biblical prophecy of a One World Government under the Antichrist. Others suppose that aliens or at least a false flag alien event must be the catalyst for this prophesied New World Order.

This Pie-in-the-sky vision of First Contact dies under further scrutiny: I mean, who taught them how to get along? How do we know they’re really not putting up a false?front? Do they have ulterior motives? Did no one watch either version of the V television series but me?

In ET, the Extraterrestrial (1982), the alien is kind but he’s really only interested in getting back home before someone decides to dissect him. Prior to being left behind, the alien and his cohorts seemed more interested in our plants than us.

In The Explorers (1985), the aliens give a group of kids advanced knowledge that allows them to build a spaceship; however, when they meet the aliens, they too turn out to be kids. 

The aliens in Alien Nation (1988) and District 9 (2009) are refugees. They need our help more than we need theirs and they only add to our troubles. 

In Prometheus (2012), Elizabeth Shaw seeks out humanity’s alien creators seeking the answers to the big questions, but the “Engineers” are very much disappointed with our civilization and First Contact reminds them that they had planned to exterminate us. 

The aliens in Arrival (2016) didn’t come out of altruism either. They came because they need our help in the future. They remain largely incomprehensible throughout the movie.

The aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) are likewise enigmatic. They abduct children and psychically program people to find them, causing everyone involved great mental distress, yet we’re supposed to trust them bdcause they brought their abductees back and played back some musical notes. Seriously, is there any good reason to trust their benevolence from their actions in thst movie?

Nor do we have any guarantee that the world would magically come together. Against a hostile force? Possibly. Against a force of unknown intentions? It seems more likely we’d fracture over how to deal with it. Again, Arrival‘s take on how world governments responded to the alien visitors is instructive. And if they come in peace, I suspect there will still be disagreement, based on how much we think we can trust the aliens even as we vie to keep other nations from forging alliances with them and each other thst might give them an advantage over us. In fact, it seems likely that the more peaceable they are, the less likely Earth will unite. Unless we receive an ultimatum, as in The Day the Earth Stood Still. Such a situation might unite us, but it would also give us great cause to distrust their professed benevolence. The demonic looking aliens in Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End (1953) take matters into their own hands, forcibly colonizing us under indirect alien rule and a One World Government they set up, all ostensibly for our own good.

As for prophecy, I admonish my fellow Christian brothers and sisters to believe in God’s ability to perform His word, whether extraterrestrials are involved or not. We also need to remember that (despite Clarence Larkin’s lovely Dispensationalist charts), we do not have a lock on the End Times. Much of the exact meaning of such prophecy has been sealed away against the day of its fulfillment.

Even so, we can be confident that End Times prophecy will be fulfilled according to God’s revealed Word and according to His timetable. The Bible is the only authority that can claim to be supernaturally authenticated by fulfilled prophecy and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a result, we can trust it when it says that lasting peace and meaning can only be found in Christ. And we can know that any claim that contradicts the Word if God must needs be false.

“Who are we? Why are we here?
Who will heal our messed-up world?”

The Bible reveals that we were created by a loving God in His image and likeness, but we are fallen in Adam’s sin. As a result, we live in a fallen world of sin, suffering and death. Yet God in his grace and mercy sent His son to be a propitiation for our sins and then raised Him from the dead that we might have eternal life. All who confess that Jesus is the promised Messiah and believe in their hearts that God has raised Him from the dead will have eternal life in a future restored creation without sin, suffering and death.

If you’re just looking for answers to the question if whether we are alone in the universe, by all means search the heavens; however if you’re searching for answers to the bigger questions of this life, you will find the only supernaturally authenticated answers to those questions in God’s revealed Word, the Bible. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Everlasting Gospel (literally “good news”), check out this page at DefGen.org

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