LA Marzulli’s Shark Jumping & Alien Implants

We’ve commented more than once on this site about how LA Marzulli, the PT Barnum of Christian Ufology, has been jumping the shark to promote his “documentaries.” His latest video (the one he initially promised me he’d send a review copy of)  is no exception.

One of his very first teaser videos for The Watchman Chronicles involves alien implants… and it’s painfully obvious that the “implant” is nothing of the sort.

This promotion for his newest documentary is nothing more than jumping the shark. If you’re not it familiar with that phrase, “Jumping the shark” is attempting to draw attention to or create publicity for something that is perceived as not warranting the attention, especially something that is believed to be past its peak in quality or relevance… namely his UFO schlock-umentaries which promote a return of the Nephilim and a grand End Times Delusion involving a false flag alien event perpetrated demonic forces. 

LA Marzulli also professes to believe that implants somehow change the host’s DNA (through the power of woo) and that they have something to do with the Mark of the Beast.

The “experiencer” in the promotional video had a dream and thought it was nothing more than that until she stumbled onto medical records years later showing a bit of needle in her foot. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens all the time, dream or no dream.

As I told Marzulli in a Twitter comment:

Marzulli seems to know this.  In a YouTube comment, he acknowledges that a doctor has identified the “implant” as a common needle; however, in true PT Barnum fashion, he suggests that maybe the doctor is wrong…

“She was taken…” No, Marzulli. She said she had a dream. 

Marzulli likes to present himself as someone who just follows the evidence, but it’s clear that he’s more interested in promoting the idea that these are genuine alien implants in the face of clear medical evidence to the contrary. His suggestion that “maybe it wasn’t” what the doctor said it was is reminiscent of the sensational writings of notorious hoaxster Gray Barker. It really does seem like Marzulli is more interested in making a buck than uncovering the truth.


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