In Which Creation Ministries International Plays a Game of Demons and Dinosaurs


The very same creationist organization who gave us a documentary on demons posing as extraterrestrials has decided that the idea of living dinosaurs might be too sensational!

An article from Creation Ministries International, the organization behind the Gary Bates’ Alien Intrusion movie, tells us that “It is time to let go of the idea of ‘living dinosaurs.'”

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Cryptozoological Implication of Creationism is that, if dinosaurs were brought aboard Noah’s Ark and co-existed with man, there should be evidence of this and there exists the possibility that some dinosaurs still exist today. The article, “Dinosaurs are almost certainly extinct” (February 22, 2018), is co-authored by Robert W. Carter, Gary Bates, and Jonathan Sarfati, and, in their view, the very idea of living dinosaurs should be placed on the list of Arguments Creationists Should Not Use  (unless we find some).

I won’t belabor you with a detailed critique of their rather long argument. I’ve done that already on my Defending Genesis site.

I would like to comment on the parts of the article that pertain to the creationist debate on the possibility of extraterrestrial life. And yes, they do mention extraterrestrials.

The meat of their argument against the possibility of living dinosaurs is that we’re running out of real estate for as-yet-undiscovered living dinosaurs to be found upon. They seem to think that just because we have Google Earth, we’ve explored the planet well enough to rule out the possibility! As with their position on the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the authors appeal to the fact that we haven’t found relict dinosaurs yet as evidence that we never will. Absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence. I will say that they are on surer ground with the amount of unexplored terrestrial space on Earth than they are with the amount of unexplored outer space!

Yet Bates, et al., declare:

But our position is no longer ‘wait and see’. Instead, it is time to say that living dinosaurs no longer exist unless there is proven evidence to the contrary, otherwise claims that dinosaurs must still exist will be used by the evolutionists as yet another club with which to beat creationists.”

This is an appeal to consequences (a logical fallacy). They’re saying that if we continue to claim that dinosaurs might be still living somewhere on this planet, the evolutionist could make fun of us for it and claim that we really don’t seem to care about the evidence. Bates, et al., claim to worry that promoting the possibility that living dinosaurs might be alive today “will be used by evolutionists as yet another club with which to beat creationists”; however, they are inconsistent because another claim Creation Ministries International makes (that extraterrestrials are demons in disguise) was used by evolutionists in 1981 to discredit Dr. Norman Geisler’s testimony during McLean v Arkansas Board of Education.

24 years later, Gary Bates published Alien Intrusion to promote the self-same idea that evolutionists used to beat creationists with during McLean. 13 years after that, they adapted the book and its Demonic Hypothesis of UFO into a film documentary. This certainly suggests that they’re not as concerned about what evolutionists will do with their arguments as they claim.

In another part of their article, they admit that there’s a bit of peer pressure involved as well:

…some of our supporters feel that cryptozoology is an embarrassing chapter in our history, and thus should be buried as deeply as possible.”

And yet they have dedicated their resources to promoting the embarrassment known as the Demonic Hypothesis of UFO… They can charge me with tu quoque, but this does not erase their hypocrisy in this matter. It almost seems like they’re shelving one embarrassment to make room for a new one!

Not content with the size of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, they shovel a bit further:

“We are already fighting on a major front with our opposition to mainstream scientific belief on evolution. It is therefore important to maintain integrity in our creationist arguments, and not be sensationalists, even if this means loss of opportunity for ministry exposure or even loss of financial support from well-meaning Christians who get excited about such claims.” [emphasis mine]

Do they not realize that they’re promoting sensationalist material that demons are posing as aliens?


They bring up extraterrestrials in the following quote:

“None of the crypto material can be scientifically documented since it is made up of personal testimonies. Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable for a number of reasons, including those related to our fallen, human condition, and usually involves individual sightings (not sightings by groups of people). Even honest people can be prone to confirmation bias, so they ‘see’ what they are expecting to see. For instance, millions of people claim to have encounters with extraterrestrials, but we can say for certain that they did not have an encounter with a being from some distant planet.”

I’m just gonna lay out Creation Ministries International’s hypocrisy here. And to be fair, THEY brought up extraterrestrials, so…

It is an undeniable fact that their “smoking gun” for the idea that fallen angels are masquerading as extraterrestrials is based on abductee eyewitness testimony that cannot be corroborated, and theological arguments based on logical fallacies.

Aside from the fact that neither the book nor documentary version of Alien Intrusion ever bothers to mention the fact that resistance and willpower are just as effective as invoking the name of Jesus in ending so-called alien abduction experiences, the fact that CMI decries eyewitness testimony in cryptozoology but embraces it in ufology is nothing less than an inconvenient hypocrisy.

If they were at all consistent, they’d take Gary Bates’ bestseller off their shelves. Perhaps what they said about confirmation bias rings truer than they supposed; after all, they wrote the following without a shred of irony:

“Our rule of thumb should be to not accept any testimony unless backed up by solid evidence (i.e. catch one!). As stated above, we are already held to a double standard. Let us, therefore, hold high standards ourselves and not fall prey to wishful thinking.”

They’re gonna have to call Ghostbusters to get the kind of evidence they need for their ufological theory. I’m pretty sure I have a better chance of catching a living dinosaur than they do of catching a demon!

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