No Big Bang, No Aliens?

One of the biggest errors in the Alien Intrusion movie is the idea that without the Big Bang there could be no aliens.

In the film, Dr Jonathan Sarfati says:

“Now, here is the key point. This Big Bang Theory is a central to the idea of alien life populating our universe. No Big Bang, no alien life.”

This is misinformation at its worst, and it’s all wrapped up in their false dichotomy that alien life requires evolution.

Dr. Sarfati claims that the Big Bang violates the Law of Causality because everything that has a beginning has a cause and no one can tell us what caused the Big Bang;  however, some cosmologists point out that time is a requirement of causality  and, since time began with the Big Bang, the Big Bang is exempt from the Law of Causality. Thus, the Big Bang becomes an all-natural uncaused First Cause to compete with Christianity’s supernatural uncaused First Cause. In reality, there’s nothing at all natural about everything coming from nothing. Not once has science observed, well, ANYTHING coming from nothing. By the rules of science, the Big Bang’s premise is as supernatural as a Creator God.

In any case, from the this ostensibly all-natural beginning, we are assured that everything came to be by all-natural processes. Since life allegedly sprang from non-life here on Earth via chemical evolution and then developed from a common ancestor into everything we see now via microbes-to-man evolution, the Principle of Medocrity suggests that life should have developed and evolved in this manner everywhere else on Earth-like planets. 

Here’s the rub: the Mediocrity Principle exists independently of the Big Bang theory. It is derived from a probabilistic argument that “if an item is drawn at random from one of several sets or categories, it’s likelier to come from the most numerous category than from any one of the less numerous categories.” 

Basically, it’s Logic. No Big Bang required. 

In fact, creationists are fond of pointing out that “natural laws exist because the universe has a Creator who is logical and has imposed order on His universe.” A Christian variant of the Mediocity Principle is found in a book written by Anglican theologian Thomas Burnet in 1684 called The Sacred Theory of the Earth, in which he wrote:

“God himself formed the Earth. . . he formed it to be inhabited. This is true, both of the Earth and of every habitable World whatsoever. For to what purpose is it made habitable, if not to be inhabited? We do not build houses that they should stand empty, but look out for Tenants as fast as we can.”

After watching Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception, one gets the feeling that Creation Ministries International as a whole is ignorant of the fact that extraterrestrials and their implications have been discussed by Christian theologians since at least the Middle Ages. This means that folks were discussing extraterrestrials well before Darwin and science fiction came to be. The reason exotheological discussions like these were possible is because a belief in the possible existence of alien life does not require a belief in evolution.

Is this a sign that somebody didn’t do their homework?

This is evident even today where creationists who believe in the possibility of alien life outnumber those who do not. We do not suddenly become evolutionists by doing so. We simply recognize what theologians in the past have always supposed: that if alien life exists, God created it.

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