LA Marzulli’s ‘Demon Fairy’ Revisited 

Once upon a time, Christian Ufologist and pastor LA Marzulli promoted one if his documentaries with a sensational “demon fairy.” It was a hoax, one that he claims he was taken in by.

Frankly, I don’t buy it. Oh, it’s a hoax alright. I simply have reason to doubt he was ever truly taken in by the creative taxidermy he used to promote his documentary.

The “demon fairy” was given to him by Jaime Maussan, a notorious UFO hoaxster. The very idea that LA Marzulli wouldn’t look into Maussan’s background and credentials stretches credulity too far. Unless Marzulli is just a sloppy, scattershot researcher who only “investigates” so far as his confirmation bias. He tries to give the exact opposite impression of careful, skeptical research.

As for the demon fairy itself, I find myself agreeing with Dr. Michael Heiser; extensive DNA tests, etc., were unnecessary in this case.

I took one look at it and thought it was just another variant of PT Barnum’s Feejee Mermaid fake. Taxidermic fakes are common. The wings immediately stood out to me. I draw a lot of creatures, most of them fantastical (i.e., dragons, griffins, orcs, miniatures, aluens, etc.). To draw a realistic fantasy creature, you have to know something about the anatomy of real creatures. Only insects have wings that attach like they do in the demon fairy. Aside from the fact that the musculature was all wrong, a bat-winged membrane wouldn’t work for that sort of configuration, which requires a reinforced solid plane of a wing, like a helicopter blade (compare a locust wing). It looks like a bat’s wings… well part of a bat’s wings. Once you take that line of thought, you can easily determine how the rest of it (except the head) was made from bat limbs. The head turned out to be a monkey of some sort. 

Anyway, we are supposed to believe that Marzulli also didn’t bother researching taxidermic fakes even though he himself admits that he’s familiar with jackelopes and other such examples of the trade. Even though he was being super careful to try to test its DNA and all that…

What we do know is that he used the demon fairy fake to market Watchers 10, even making a suggested connection to the demonic locusts of the fifth Trumpet Judgment of the Tribulation (Revelation 9:1-11), without bothering to confirm whether it was true or not. He wasn’t even ready to make a determination by the time the documentary went on sale. 

In any case, we are left with one of two possible conclusions, neither of which suggest that we should ever take Marzulli seriously as a Ufologist or especially an exotheologian: either he knew (or or knew enough to suspect and still didn’t care if) it was a hoax so long as it helped sell his documentaries and further his exotheological agenda (making him the PT Barnum of Christian Ufology); or he is extremely credulous. The only real question us: which one is worse?

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  1. Amy says:

    I agree that it’s not natural, but the comparisons that you make imply that there are real fairies, this one just defies the true traits that a “real” fairy should have, or at least a “realistic fantasy creature”. Should have.
    Stop bashing the guy because he’s unconventional, most of his work is backed up by triple blind testing and confirmation. This is a poor act of exploiting one mistake to create a “confirmation bias” that suits you.


    1. Tony Breeden says:

      Begging your pardon, but he is known to be very sloppy in his alleged research. He has been refuted on several such sensational claims. In fact, if you’ll look over this site, you’ll find this isn’t the only claim of his I’ve investigated:

      So… I’m not exploiting a mistake. I’m uncovering a pattern of them.

      As for your assertion that I imply there are real fairies is nonsensical. I started only that “To draw a realistic fantasy creature, you have to know something about the anatomy of real creatures.” This is a clear reference to the idea that IF fairies were real, their anatomy would necessarily make sense as creations of God, therefore, if an examination of LA Marzulli’s alleged fairy fails a basic test of realistic, functional anatomy, it couldn’t be anything more than a fake, much less a fairy. Does that clear it up for you?

      Please read the LA Marzulli tag posts before responding. It will save you a lot of unnecessary righteous indignation. ;]


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