Trailer Review: The Watchman Chronicles with LA Marzulli 

LA Marzulli has recently released yet another video, The Watchman Chronicles. In the intetests of full disclosure (a loaded term in ufological circles), I freely admit that Mr. Marzulli and I do not get along, mostly because he doesn’t like people questioning his authority. Frankly, if he’s that thin-skinned, he really needs to get some better arguments. 

In any case, during one of our exchanges, Mr. Marzulli offered to send me a free copy of his brand new DVD but then CHANGED HIS MIND, stating that he didn’t really care what I thought. I kind of doubt that.

It should be mentioned that Mr. Marzulli is a preacher (like me) and that he spoke at the First Christian Symposium on Aliens in July 2009 alongside Gary Bates, Dr. Michael Heiser, Joe Jordan, Guy Malone and a bunch of other big names in conservative Christian exotheology. He’s since then gone further down the rabbit hole than most of his peers.

Anyway, here’s a transcript of the trailer for the Watchman Chronicles, which just recently released for purchase.

NARRATOR: There’s a subject that most people regard as fringe. 

NARRATOR: Yet the people in this film have seen… something.

OK, I seriously thought I’d make it further than this before I felt the need to comment, but come on! In my defense, there isn’t much meat on this bone. It’s a bunch of clips of, well, UFOs. And those two bare sentences…

But am I seriously to believe that the UFO phenomenon should not be considered a fringe subject simply because these people saw… something? (And, yes, the narrator says it with that dramatic pause). The fact that people are seeing… something but they don’t know what these somethings are and speculate wildly about what these somethings are and where they come from is what makes them… fringe.

The next section is a collection of UFO witnesses saying:

MAN: “I’ve seen a UFO…

MAN: “I’ve seen a UFO 

WOMAN: “And I saw a UFO 

WOMAN: “And I saw a UFO 

MAN: “I’ve seen a UFO 

MAN: “…a… a UFO 

Before I make a serious comment, do these sound like the lyrics of a punk song to anyone else, or is it just me?

So… they haven’t just seen… something.  They’ve seen… a UFO.  One feels compelled to remind everyone at this point that a UFO is an unidentified flying object. I say that because, depending on who you are, that acronym tends to get automatically translated into things like swamp gas, flying saucers, weather balloons and supernatural lying signs and wonders in the heavens. Folks, it simply means you saw… something in the sky and you don’t know what it is. That’s it.

The narrator then interjects:

NARRATOR: People from all walks of life have come on the record, in their own words, and their testimony is true.

Wait. How do we know their testimony is true? People make stuff up. I’m writing a biography about Gray Barker, a man who made up stuff whenever the UFO phenomenon dried up or got boring. 

I’m not saying they’re all lying. I’m not saying Any of them are lying. I sincerely believe they’ve probably seen… something. Something they couldn’t identify. In the sky.

I’m just asking Mr. Marzulli what steps he’s taken to make sure their testimony is true. I ask because his Watchers 10 video was promoted with lots of discussion and video clips featuring a “demon fairy” that Marzulli and his buddy speculated could be akin to the locust creature of Revelation… and that turned out to be a clever bit of taxidermy akin to the Fiji mermaid. Mr. Marzulli admits that he was taken in by the hoax (perpetrated by known hoaxster Jaime Maussen), but it’s fair to ask why he promoted the creature so heavily before he verified its authenticity, especially when folks like Dr. Michael Heiser kind of warned him this was probably coming (note especially the Addendum to that post). We’re left wondering whether Mr. Marzulli is simply that credulous unless we wish to entertain a more mercenary suspicion that it was simply too useful in promoting his new DVD and one does not look a gift horse on the mouth. 

So, yeah, it’s fair to ask how he knows the testimony of these witnesses is true…

Marzulli himself finally chimes in during the latter part of the trailer:

LA MARZULLI: Join me as we explore the folks who have had encounters in their own words.

This trailer’s script is just bad. Are we really going to “explore” these folks? Because, dude, no. Maybe he could have substituted the words “humor” or “listen to” instead. Anything but… explore. 

And then we get a lot of quick clips of talking heads followed by the end graphic and these words:

NARRATOR: Coming this March 2017.

That is the extent of it. It is already here. It’s  $20. And it sounds like Mr. Marzulli is out to prove that people see… something. Something they can’t identify. In the sky. In short, the trailer makes it seem like he’s trying to prove that people see UFOs. Something I already know.

I think I know where he’s probably going to go with this, but that’s all you get from the trailer. Mr. Marzulli is fond of saying that the UFO phenomenon is real, burgeoning and not going away. If that’s all he’s trying to prove, you can save 20 bucks.

We know the UFO phenomenon exists; what we want to know is what to make of it.

Strange lights in the sky? Tales of abduction and sinister cover ups? Are aliens behind the UFO phenomenon? Do they exist at all? Can a Christian believe that God created extraterrestrials? Would ET need to be saved? Does the Bible have anything to say about all of this? Are angels and aliens the same thing? Are aliens really just fallen angels in disguise? What is the truth?

Find out the answers to these questions and more with Christian apologist and science fiction author Tony Breeden in the book that has quickly become the Most Hated Book in Creationism.

Buy your copy today and discover the truth about UFOs, Aliens and the Bible.  

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