Simon Turpin’s Really Bad Argument Against Transhumanism and Space Colonization 

Defending Genesis

I’m a Biblical Christian who loves science fiction. In fact, I write scifi books!

Robots have been a staple of the genre since they were first conceived. One of the first things we wondered about was just how smart they’d be. With this speculation came a natural Frankenstein-induced fear: will the machines we create replace mankind?

A Christian who believes that mankind exists not of his own wit and might but of the immutable will of the God who gave the earth to men [Psalm 116:15] has no fear that artificially intelligent creations will supplant us. Even if an AI Apocalypse, such as that featured in the Matrix trilogy, theTerminator films, I, Robot, and all the rest, occurred, we could rest assured that God’s will shall not be thwarted, prophecy shall be fulfilled, and (since man is specifically mentioned in such prophecy) mankind will eventually overcome his rebellious…

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