Are Aliens a Part of an End Times Deception?

Jeremy Auldaney, author of Mysteries of History Revealed and former “senior field/library researcher/writer” for the Creation Research Society, took objection to my response to one of his anti-alien posts. I noted that he was appealing to an argument from silence and then took particular objection to his insistence that an alien deception was destined to be a part of an End Times Deception. 

It’s important to note that this proposed future scenario in which the UFO phenomenon is co-opted by the AntiChrist  (who else?) as an explanation for the Biblical Rapture is actually a separate issue as to whether extraterrestrial life exists. In Strangers and Aliens, I went to great lengths to show why the UFO phenomenon is irrelevant to the question of extraterrestrial life. Like all of my fellow creationists, I do not think aliens have been visiting this planet with impunity for the entirety of mankind’s history. Unlike my peers, I tend to think that the UFO phenomenon has a more mundane set of answers and that a small percentage of the phenomenon can actually be attributed to demonic manifestation or deception.

Yet for those who believe that the UFO phenomenon is demonic, I suppose they can’t help but ask to what end? For example, Mr. Auldaney claims:

“I have been researching UFOs for many years and can prove these entities are real and they are Satanic. They are preparing the world for Antichrist and Tribulation Period of Judgment, when Satan and his angels are cast out of Heaven. 

They want to fool humans, so they do not want to appear to be all bad, or confirm the Bible is correct, so they need a disguise. All through history Satan’s Angels and Demons have appeared as Atlantians, ghosts of dead people, Pagan gods, elves, fairies, and space aliens. Today they usually appear to be aliens who evolved on another planet confirming their false doctrine of evolution as described in their plan the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Bible does mention beings who can come from space as Angels usually Fallen Angels. 

Believing in beings created on other planets brings in a heresy that will fool those left behind after the Rapture.”

So his fear is that fallen angels and/or the AntiChrist will co-opt the UFO phenomenon to explain away the Rapture and support the AntiChrist’s claims with lying wonders. Yet there is not even a hint of an End Times alien deception mentioned in Scripture.

The closest anyone has come to linking an alien agenda with the Apocalypse is Chuck Missler, co-author of Alien Encounters. Unfortunately, it involves a worrisome misinterpretation of Scripture. You see, Missler interprets Jesus’ warning that the Last Days will be as the days of Noah to mean that there will be a return if the Nephilim of Genesis. Missler supports his hypothesis with an appeal to Daniel 2:43, claiming that the “they” who shall “mingle themselves with the seed of men” are fallen angels.

The trouble with his interpretation is context. In the case of Matthew 24:37, the verses immediately before and after tell us that what Jesus means is that the coming of the Son of Man will be when we least expect it. It doesn’t speak of the Last Days so much as Christ’s return. Likewise, the passage in Daniel is part of a prophecy that predicts a succession of human kingdoms that were to come before the advent of Christ. The section Missler quotes refers to the Roman Empire which was never quite united with the people’s it conquered, despite several arranged political marriages meant to encourage such loyalty to the Empire.

I am aware that some End Times scholars believe that this section of the prophecy refers to the future kingdom of the AntiChrist and the Second Advent of Christ, but this still puts Missler’s theory regarding a return of the Nephilim on tentative ground, especially since his argument from the parallel Gospel passages mentioning the “days of Noah” contextually refer to the unpredictability and imminency of the Second Coming rather than the End Times in general, as he suggests. The strength of Missler’s interpretation rested upon the reference to the days of Noah. Since this passage is out-of-context with his interpretation, his argument that the Nephilim will return and deceive the world by pretending to be alien hybrids doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on.

In any case, Mr. Auldaney ‘s charge of heresy is a gross overstatement.  It can barely be said that the Bible allows for an End Times Alien Deception. It’s very possible that the entire theory is simply religious science fiction, which is why I challenged Mr. Auldaney with a question at the end of my response:

“Are you a prophet that you “know” that the Antichrist will use an alien agenda when the Bible says no such thing?” 

While this is a valid point, I guess I could have also asked it like this:

Isn’t it hypocritical to say that aliens don’t exist because the Bible is silent on the subject only to turn around and then insert an alien deception in End Times scenarios when the Bible is equally silent on that subject as well?

The conclusion of the matter is that there is scant Biblical support for this idea of an End Times Alien Deception. In fact, the very idea of an End Times Alien Deception comes not from the Bible but from a well-meaning attempt to answer the question of what the grand purpose of the UFO phenomenon is, especially from those who erroneously suppose that the UFO phenomenon is 100% demonic. If we take the time to realize that, if the principle of mediocrity holds, most of the UFO phenomenon must have a more mundane set of answers, this need to find a grander purpose for the UFO phenomenon as part of Satan’s Master Plan vanishes.

If you are interested in learning more about exotheology, the branch of speculative theology which seeks to answer questions regarding the possible impact of extraterrestrial life, pick up a copy of my book, Strangers and Aliens

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  1. dani says:

    Good blog. Surely, the deceiver will say – do anything to explain away the rapture of HIS church, coming shortly if you look at the and look at the promised book of truth, now open leading us to the abomination – 6th seal – great EQ and rapture. Well explained at Thanks


    1. Tony Breeden says:

      With due respect, Jesus warned us that no man knows the day nor the hour of his appearing. I respect the pre-Trib Rapture position and it is the one I believe, but it is also a Johnny-Come-Lately in terms of eschatology and could very well be wrong.


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